Custom HMIs

Process engineering for packing/manufacturing machines, replacing unsupported embedded control systems.

Reasons for machine control upgrading:

  • Can be more expensive to maintain. Repair costs of old machines can soon outweigh a full system upgrade.

  • All upgraded machines under full support for one year.

  • Process engineering costs and development time for operational changes reduced. Keeping your machines on top of the competition becomes achieveable within budget.

Custom HMI integration using panel-mounted screens and control units, providing the ability to integrate ground floor packing information with the rest of the plant.

Commercial viability gained through measurable improvement to production environment. Addition of machines to control structure enables status to be reported across control network resulting in reduction of  "production chokes" caused by equipment isolation.

Enables cheap, simple PLCs to be used for control.
Low cost touch screen panels utilized for effective display of control information.

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